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Curacao Luxury Beachfront Resort

Curacao Luxury Beachfront Resort

Curacao - The Caribbean
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If your looking to stay somewhere that can offering you some of the softest sandy beaches in the world perfect for you and your partner to have an evening picnic and watch the sunset then this is a great option for your honeymoon destination.

The hotel has 3 restaurants for you 1 is open for breakfast offering international and freshly baked options, 1 for your midday meal and offering you the option for your evening meal and 1 more opening just in the evening for you, giving you a wide variety of tastes from al fresco dining to Curacao islands world famous Keshi Yena.

2 private beaches available for you both offering a great mix of options one beach is the perfect location for sun loungers and lilos with cool calm waves protected from most of the breeze the other beach faces the incoming breeze and has more wave action but both are protected from large waves making the turquoise waters perfectly safe for swimming. 

The hotel is also a proud member of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Assocation as well as being TAG approved as a gay friendly hotel giving you the assurance that you and your partner can be free of any judgement and have a perfect honeymoon.

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