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Far East Cruise Honeymoons

Far East Cruise Honeymoons

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Far East Cruise Honeymoons

Experience the romance of the Far East on your cruise honeymoon...

From the sweet scent of incense drifting out from the temples to the taste of exquisitely spiced curries served on banana leaf plates; from the haunting cry of the Iman calling the faithful to prayer to the sight of pedal-powered rickshaws parked alongside gleaming Rolls Royce cars… Far East cruises explode onto the senses.

Take in the view from the world’s second tallest building - Taiwan’s Taipei 101 - or haggle for stunning silk shirts in Singapore’s colourful street markets. Zip through Bangkok’s bustling streets in the infamous tuk tuks or board a floating restaurant in Hong Kong and dine on delicious Dim Sum. Discover ancient temples deep in the Cambodian jungle or snorkel in the crystal clear waters of Vietnam’s idyllic Nha Trang Bay.

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