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Jock Safari Lodge

Jock Safari Lodge

Kruger National Park - South Africa
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Jock Safari Lodge is perfectly positioned inside the Kruger National Park offering stunning views across what is regarded as the best big five game viewing area within the world famous reserve.  The romantic bathrooms and outdoor showers share a river view where animals can be sighted right from the comfort and privacy of your own private accomodation.

All 12 Luxurious Suites are designed to give a sense of being alone in, and integrated with, the surrounding unspoiled African Bush. All suites are elegantly furnished with attention paid to the little comforts that make your visit memorable. The suites are all named after places of interest in the tale of “Jock of the Bushveld”. Linked to the main lodge by meandering walkways, the suites boast private plunge pools, and furnishings reflecting the region’s distinctive mix of Zulu, Shangaan and colonial cultures

Before the turn of the century, the lure of gold brought men from all corners of the world to the Transvaal. They passed through some of Africa’s most scenic untamed wilderness. It is in this area that Jock Safari Lodge is based, with our southern boundary being the old wagon route from Delagoa Bay into the interior. Today the wilderness experience we offer is unchanged. It is an area noted for its diversity in game, particularly the BIG FIVE.

Personally assigned rangers will delight in sharing their knowledge of this astounding natural treasure trove of the bushveld and slowly the mysteries of the wild unfold.

Jackalberry trees older than written history are pointed out and the myriad of insects, birds, mammals and reptiles that exist in this leafy ecosystem are explained. The sheer wonder of Mother Nature at work in this microcosm makes one eager to experience and understand more and to experience untouched Paradise in its pure form.

The Amarula tree, so very African, can be seen overflowing with baboons plundering the juicy fruit while keeping a wary eye out for the leopard that abound in the Jock concession. Taste the Sour Plum and sense a taste explosion or spot the various plants with medicinal values ranging from stomach cures and cures for hangovers.

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