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The 'Shush' Hotel Collection

Over the years we have received endless wonderful testimonials, positive reviews and indeed feedback on our services. We always consider any feedback we have received to see if there are ways that we can implement the feedback to improve the service that we offer to future wedding couples. Here are a handful of examples that we have implemented in recent years to improve the service that we offer:

How Do We Choose Our Hotels?

Getting married abroad is very different to getting married here in the UK (and we don't just mean the weather!). There are often long periods of time when there isn't very much to do when you're getting married overseas, which is different if you were getting married here in the UK with appointments to visit venues and florists quite common. We understand that couples often have questions that worry them, but please remember there's a good chance we have answered that question many times before, so to help you relax you can now pick up the phone and call our dedicated Bride's Line for free and ask a member of our team any question that is worrying you.

What Benefits Can I Expect to Receive?

In the old days we used to do all of the planning via telephone and email through our UK and overseas offices. However what we found was that often things were misunderstood, misinterpreted or there was a chance things could be missed. So over time we developed our unique Online Wedding Profile system for you to submit any queries about your wedding, or to pre-book any wedding extras before your departure from the UK. This means that when you arrive in-resort your wedding coordinator will have all of the details related to your wedding in one place. Leaving you with much less to discuss at your pre-wedding meeting and giving you more time to relax and enjoy your holiday.

Frequently Asked Questions List

In the past some couples have said that when they arrived in-resort they would like to have known more in advance about what to expect. As this is a once in a lifetime occassion, our couples can benefit from the experience that we have built up over the years of organising hundreds of weddings around the world. You will be sent our latest frequently asked questions list at the time of booking and have access to an online version, which is updated on an ongoing basis in the lead up to your big day. This gives you an insight in to what to expect for your wedding before you leave the UK.

Fully-Inclusive 'Celebration' Wedding Packages

We appreciate that there is so much to think about when you are getting in to the final few weeks before you depart for your wedding abroad. We've learnt that one of the biggest worries for our couples has been the thought of carrying large amounts of cash with them to pay for things such as wedding extras and in-resort fees to registrars, venues hotels and so on. This has led to us introducing our Fully-Inclusive Celebration Wedding Packages, which give you the option of paying for the whole wedding upfront here in the UK and taking away the need for you to carry cash with you overseas. We plan to grow the range of destinations where we offer our fully-inclusive packages over the coming months.